Lower back pain relieve it from home

   I have been having lower back pain for like 3-4 days now. It hurts to move any of my muscles in the back area (like even moving my arm).

     What can I do to relieve it?

Lower back pain is a common problem amongst many people, probably because most of you spend most of your time sitting down or even standing up. And this is the perfect formula for the lower back to get compressed and thus you will feel pain.

            There are many ways that you can relieve the problem, like by doing some regular exercises or taking care of your diet (avoid junk foods). But before we move on with those methods, let's see first what causes lower back pain?

What causes lower back pain?

     Lower back pain is caused because of the compression of the nerves running through your spine between your body and legs called 'disc bulges'. The main cause of this disc bulge is an abnormal mechanical structure (which means bad posture!). And another important factor responsible for it is weak abdominal muscles. This happens because your core muscles should support all the movements of the spine (or even your whole body), but instead they are not properly developed. Therefore, it is advisable to do exercises that can help strengthen those muscles like crunches and planks.

     Here's what you should be doing to prevent or relieve lower back pain:

            1. Do some regular stretches for your lower back area (like stretching the ligaments). It will also help improve blood circulation in the region.

              For example, you could try these few simple stretches done quite often during pregnancy because they are safe and effective! But remember, if you have any concerns about doing these stretches visit a medical expert first!

            - The Twist

          This stretch is one of the best ways to open up the spine (lower back) and stretch the muscles. It is quite simple to do; just sit on a carpeted floor with your knees bent, lift your feet off the ground, put your left foot on top of right knee and twist your torso as if you are trying to touch your left elbow with the right one (not recommended for people who suffer from back pain). If this is too difficult for you at first, you can try it without putting any weight on your leg.

            - Cat/Cow stretch

          This exercise is done by curling in slowly from all fours till you can feel a nice arch in your lower back while looking upwards towards the ceiling before moving slowly forward onto all fours again. And then you should go back to a neutral position while looking down towards the floor and release slowly.

            - Knee Circles

          This is another great exercise done by moving your knees in circles - 10 times clockwise & another 10 times anti-clockwise.    

     2. Try not to sit for too long! For example, don't spend most of your day sitting at a desk or even watching TV. Try going out for a walk every once in a while if possible. At least try to do it after having lunch because that's usually when we get tired and need some energy boost. Or you could also try doing some light stretches before going out for a walk or a jog, especially if you have been sedentary for a long time.

     3. Do some regular exercises to build up your core muscle such as planks and crunches instead of just relying on your daily work out. The best way to do this is by including one set of 30 repetitions (or more if possible) every day into your workout routine, like doing it right after you wake up or before going to bed!