Lower back pain relief for pregnancy

Pregnancy and back pain

During pregnancy, the muscles of the pelvic floor become overstretched and weak which increases the risk of lower back pain.

There are several different techniques for relieving back pain during pregnancy but some are safer than others. The main thing to remember is not to do anything that may cause you or your baby harm.

The best way to reduce lower back pain during pregnancy is by maintaining good posture . This will help with keeping your spine in proper alignment. If fatigue sets in, it can be difficult to maintain good posture so its important to get regular rest breaks throughout the day whenever possible.

Ways to relieve lower back pain during pregnancy:

- Remaining active or taking regular exercise

- Maintaining a healthy weight

- Sleeping on your side with pillows to support your body

- Practicing breathing exercises to relax the muscles of your lower back and abdomen

- Take a warm bath to soothe aches and pains

- Heat or cold packs applied directly on the sore area for 20 minutes at a time

- Do stretches and strengthening exercises for your pelvic floor muscles


So, what should you do for back pain during pregnancy?

If your doctor recommends an exercise or physical therapy program to help relieve the strain on your spine and joints, it’s probably a good idea to follow their advice.

However, if they recommend against any activity that could be potentially harmful to either you or baby (such as lifting heavy objects), take heed of their warning! The best thing is always consult with your physician before starting any new exercises or activities that may put pressure on your back. With all this in mind, are there any other tips for relieving back pain during pregnancy that we missed? Let us know in the comments section below!