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Why do you must come to see an osteopath ?

Osteopaths examine the body in relation to other parts of itself. They do this so they can discover why there is an injury, rather than just treating its symptoms. Osteopathy has been proven useful for things like lower back pain and sports related injuries!


• Lower back pain
• Trapped nerves
• Arthritic pain
• Tennis/golfers' elbow
• Sports-related injuries
• Neck/shoulder pain
• Knee pain



Mr. Boulaamani is an experienced osteo and I am very satisfied with his service.

Diane B.

Experience makes the difference. I have been going to Sylvain for over a year, and I feel so much better

Robby K.

I have received services from both Hicham and Sylvain. For me, they both have done good work that was helpful to me

Jason R.


Margaux Magal Osteopath D.O

Margaux Magal is an incredible osteopath who graduated from the Osteopathic College of Bordeaux in France.
Passionate about sport and road trips/travels, she is enriched by every encounter and experience.
She believes that the patient should be at the heart of his care.
She used to say: "alone, we go faster. Together we go further."

Alex Marr - RMT

Alex is originally from Halifax, and he brings with him an incredible therapeutic approach that is patient-centered. He always listens to the patients main concerns and strives to provide them a solution with the right treatment. This makes him an excellent therapist and one who patients love working with. Focusing on resolving the primary complaint wether it’s chronic pain, injuries, headaches or maintenance.

Sylvain Mancuso - Osteopath DO

Sylvain Mancuso has 20 years of experience, he did his osteopathy study after his physiotherapy degree in France. He came to Canada 10 years ago. He always says “The symptom is the visible part of the iceberg. We need to find the root cause to provide long-term relief”.

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